Knowledge about Real Zebra Skin Rugs

A real zebra skin rug is a very high-quality type of rug. Most people may assume that getting one such rug is not easy. However, it is very easy to obtain one especially when you know exactly what you need. This article will give you an insight into real zebra skin rugs and ways you can get one.

The Burchell’s Zebra

This is one family of the zebra species, which is the main contributor of the zebra skins rugs. The skin acquired from the Burchell’s zebra is mostly used as a decorative item otherwise known as an area rug. It is quite popular among the exotic interior designers and decorators. The good thing about these rugs is that apart from their magnificent beauty, one can legally export or import them from one country or state to another.

Country of Origin

The mere mention of the two countries Tanzania and South Africa may not ring a bell for most people. Many may be left wondering what these two countries have to do with rugs whatsoever. You will be surprised to learn that these are the only counties in the world that are home to this non-endangered species of zebras. Thus, the real zebra skin rugs originate from these two counties.

Where to Use the Zebra Skin Rug

The domestic use of the zebra skin rug depends on its size. The size also depends on the size of the zebra from which the hide was acquired. On a rough estimate, the zebra skin rugs tend to cover 8 by 5 square feet. You need to ensure that you have sufficient space for the rug even before making a purchase. You can use it under the coffee table or any other strategic area where it can act as a focal point.

Quality of the Real Zebra Skin

The zebra skin rugs are classified into four classes. There is the trophy class (which happens to be the highest quality) followed by Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C in that order. This classification is determined by the number of repair marks, scars and any other blemishes that the skin has. You definitely will have bought the highest quality if you buy one and the trophy class because it almost has no blemishes at all.


The price differs depending on the quality that you choose. Definitely, skin rugs under Grade C are cheaper than those in Grade C, while the ones under Trophy are the most expensive.


Before choosing vendors that you can trust, ensure that they have a good reputation. They should have proper customer support. Check out their refund and return policies as well as their sale terms. If possible, consider the shipping details too. Do not be in a hurry as you might end up falling into the trap of conmen selling fake rugs in the name of zebra skins. You have to be very cautious.

The above are just a few things that you need to know about zebra skin rugs. If you are looking for one, you can check online or go to the rug store in person.

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